People Are Wired Differently

Understand that people are wired differently.

Introversion vs. Extroversion

Introverts prefer focusing on the inner word. Energy from memories and experiences. Introverts often prefer written comms. Extroverts prefer talking through their ideas. Energy from people and interactions.

Thinking vs. Feeling

Thinkers makes decisions based on logical analysis of objective facts. Using logic to determine the best course of action.

Feelers focus on harmony between people. Better suited to roles that require a lot of empathy, interpersonal contact and relationship building.

Intuiting vs. Sensing

Intuiting is seeing the big picture (forest), sensing is focusing on the details (the trees). The intuitive thinker focuses on context and then details. Sensers can be thrown by small details that are “wrong”, e.g. a typo.

Planning vs. Perceiving

Planners like to live in a planned orderly way. They like to focus on a plan and stick with it. Planners workout what they want to achieve and then how to achieve it. They are proactive.

Perceivers see things happening and work backwards to understand why, and how to respond. They see many possibilities to choose from. They are reactive.

Perceivers think planners are rigid, planners think perceivers are changing direction too often.